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Nanakko Rating
Amazing! Love story filled with really erotic scene! I really loved it! it's nice to have strong willed women!^^
lightmelody23 Rating
I love Tokiko! She's the best character in the story. Empowered women for the win! She's a really interesting character, and I wish there were more chapters about her.
gamencoy Rating
What a natural love story. So worth it to purchase !!
mariais28 Rating
I get this manga five stars I love the story plot I love the couples and I love the happy endings it makes you feel real good reading this if you're looking for a good love story this is one
Xmanga Rating
This was a nice story and I like the drawing.
danyels Rating
This is beautiful omg. Seriously, the storyline is so captivating I actually didn't even care that much for the smut, even though I actually started reading this because of the reviews saying there's a lot of sexy scenes lol. Tokiko is definitely now one of my favorite characters in a love manga - brilliant, strong, independent adult but still with so much love to give deep inside. The lines towards the end,
Nyanko Rating
In some ways, the relationship of the two leads here is a reverse of the previous work (Sexless with You), and is set in the same universe with the male lead a big part of the previous storyline. Here though, the leads use sex to avoid actually connecting to others. Starting as FWB, the relationship quickly turns to something that hits them in their weak spots. They grow by becoming open and honest with themselves and each other, allowing an emotional union. There is a bonus short at the end, which shows both couples and gives a nice coda to the stories. The art is good, though a tad rough in spots. Both leads very physical, with the female lead unapologetically lusty in her appetites. This makes gives the loves scenes more frequent and steamy than in Sexless. Still, the focus is on they characters and that makes this story a winner.
teateateatea Rating
Really great! Both of the females characters are wonderful and Toki is so strong and different than typical heroines. it's realistic and touches on true insecurities, a good story with good plot and great characters
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