User Reviews For: I'm His Third Wife: A Concubine's Dirty Destiny


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xanimeprincessx Rating
How is this completed!? It was just getting good!
Fangtasia1 Rating
Was left wanting more.... Sad it ended abruptly
Strick Rating
No way this is complete, someone got lazy and didn't finish...5 stars until abrupt ending
eboorenta0uas5utxt Rating
It was good until I found out it was incomplete, such a let down!
Kawahara Rating
Keeping the readers hanging. I am not satisfied. Was hoping that the heroine to be with the second prince though.
eboorenta01mnhedz7 Rating
I'm giving it two stars cause it was a good beginning to a story. Just sad it apparently got discontinued (as judging by the “complete” status when it is so very obviously not complete).I really wish it had continued with the Second Prince as the ML cause he is really hot. That and I feel he would've treated her better. I just wish we could've seen behind his brash attitude more. The glimpses we got weren't enough for me
TrinaCasey Rating
The story's good, but it seems to drop off in the middle.
Nuria74 Rating
Are you kidding?, this is not complete, is half job done. The history was great and was coming very interesting. Was a 5 stars, before you put complete. We paid for read good history not left us hanging there on the air.
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