User Reviews For: Minor Monster Panic


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Guest Rating
I loved this!! I hope there will be more volumes.
Dtrml Rating
Super cute and super fun! The author has a great sense of humor. The romance is adorable as are the two main characters.
LetMeIn Rating
I love it! The basis is a bit unique yet classic at the same time and both the characters are darn adorable, handsome, cool, hot and there's certain chemistry between the two. You can see how their feelings grow. Although there's no sex scenes the intimacy between the two was PERFECT to my liking! One of the shounen ais I truly love.
Kamiyaoilover Rating
Very cute. I liked the look of the two boys. I would have liked more erotic scenes.
Kattan Rating
Adorable! Shonen-ai so there
mariais28 Rating
The reason why I gave this story 3 stars it was okay but I believe it should have had more sex with the two boys and I love the way how two boys looks were in their Style they were very handsome and cute together I just wish that the story plot was a little better
queenfaerie Rating
It's an interesting manga to read, just wish to have more intimacy between the couple
ebookrenta0ztfdw23u Rating
Very cute and funny!
Daekin Rating
Very cute, but it felt like it was just starting when it ended. Loved it so far! Need more!
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