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nyanja Rating
The 1st volume had a lot of erotic scenes-- this volume still has plenty of sex, but it takes a backseat to the character's emotional arcs and the plot. A good thing, in my opinion at least! I wrote in my review for the 1st volume that I wished the sub experienced more of a character arc since he was mostly static. I got my wish here, since this volume features him slowly working through insecurities and internalized homophobia (& biphobia?) to ultimately become more confident with their relationship.As for our Dom, we see him contending with feelings of jealousy and wondering how he can properly convey the seriousness of his feelings to the sub character. If you have a distaste for jealousy being romanticized, this aspect might put you off the story (although the character does feel somewhat guilty about it.)Another note is that there's a scene where a character is outed against their wishes. Tread carefully if you're sensitive to that. Overall though, I really liked it!
biggestrebel Rating
Uwaaaah, bless this sequel! I enjoyed the first series but I felt it had been rushed and wished for more time w these characters and MY WISH CAME TRUE!!!!!I'm so happy! I can really see them growing as a couple and as people and would LOVE to see how they handle Danno going to university and tsukasa (sp?) Staying his 3rd yr. I'm sure that'll be full of drama, tears, and another healthy (????) dose of jealousy.At first I thought shiho was gonna be in love w danno, I would've preferred that but it's all good. It was nice seeing our seme so possessive but I also hope he (and danno!) can come to trust each other and have more confidence in their feelings and relationship. I'm sure that's where this is going.ANYWAY, I'm rambling. The art was great, the sex scenes were steamy, and I really enjoyed the story!
funbrillo Rating
I finally finished this story and I love it. I absolutely loved the first one about them falling in love and this one picks up with them now dating and becoming more confident in their love for each other. I like that there is no real drama. It was more internal conflicts and cleared up with conversation. There are no evil supporting characters out to break them up. The supporting characters were all very likeable and rather positive people. A lovely story.
Ctrls Rating
The second volume is way better than the first i love it!!!! Wish they showed them in the future but it's so amazing
poto1994 Rating
Like the vol 1 this season is just so good. It is focusing more on the seme emotion and it is good to se their relationship develop
Aryannap Rating
I absolutely love this manga! It's so cute. One of my favorites!!!!
ebookrenta0db9u2dk9 Rating
This 2nd volume is just a nice finish for this couple. I love how the characters development was planned out in this series. Beautiful!
mariaflora1208 Rating
Both volumes are so good. I'm glad I picked this! The fluffy feelings are just so right. But honestly, I thought there'll be useless drama, but I'm happy at the way the author wrapped the story. I really love them!!
hangnt0610 Rating
I loved the first series and as soon as I saw this out I bought all the chapters instantly lol. There won't be any sudden twist, but there will be some interesting psychological development between the main characters!
withoutideas Rating
Totally worth it! You should check both volumes
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