User Reviews For: Red: My Superhero [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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malcosky Rating
This is a nice story~! Both for the the first and the second characters.I really hope that tha mangaka can give more screen time for Tetta & Martin, tho~
TheBetterStory Rating
In terms of plot this is kind of a mess, but it's just so much *fun.* The artist's great at visual comedy.I was giggling throughout the book. Note for the sensitive that there's some casual sexual assault between the main couples, but if you read yaoi you're probably used to that already. I had a great time reading this one.
Nikkita Rating
[My real rating: actually 4.5 out of 5] There are two stories that both couples are all friends in this series. The main story is an adorable story about childhood friends who reunited you can find anywhere; however, the comedy as well as the expression of characters, both main and side characters, are really well and cutely drawn. For me, the fluffiness, the lovable art, and the idiot couple who are silly(?) lovey-dovey together, which are all I need in a pure fluff with no too serious dramas manga, are what make this series special. I always love how I get to see what they are like after they became lovers. I actually wanted to give it 4.5 but the rating on Renta! doesn't allow me to. ^^;; The minus 0.5 points are because of the second story which, imo, seems "out of nowhere." I would like to know more about the second couples. All in all, this is not so deep type of series. If you like fluff and really cute art like me, this is totally worth it. This is my first manga on Renta! so this is my first review here. Hehe~ I want to write some review since I find other readers' opinions very useful for making decision to buy, I can't really put my words well, tho. Lol. But I enjoy reading this and I'll definitely read it again. Hope this will help you make you decision and enjoy reading!
NsHrAPhO Rating
I love the all characters!! They are sooooo adrable <3
Elizabeth Rating
Loved it, hope you make more.(For some reason it kind of reminds me of BTS's new son Anpanman) d(OwO)
lyralyraa Rating
Cute, fluffy, pretty uke. Seme fall in love first. Pervert seme. My favorite type of pairing. All in all though, I wanna know about their fathers
Midnite Rating
Really sweet. Even the side story is adorable. Worth the long read!
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
I like it! It
Nibachu Rating
omg the main story is so adorable!
Downey978 Rating
This is so ADORABLE! The characters are all unique and charming, and you fall in love with
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