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lovesfiction97 Rating
I only read the 1st volume so take what I say with a grain of salt: Hated it. You gotta suspend your disbelief with smut manga like this, but even still I really didn't like this. Pacing is odd, the students are assholes, the other teachers are completely useless. Especially those 3 students, they deserve multiple punches to the face.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is seriously one of my faves on this site. It's funny, charming, sexy and sweet. It kinda has a reverse harem feel to it, with all the mens trying to woo our leading lady. Luckily, it's not. I do like all the guys though, the wannabe idol who is too horny for his own good, the reserved honor student who is actually incredibly vain, the sweet, noble hard working Shouta, and the older teacher who was once her tutor who is a true M and wants to unleash her inner S. Throw in a little impractical magic in an all boys school with the only female being a 25 yo virgin teacher and voila you've got plenty of high jinx with a good dose of smexy times and laughs to enjoy to your hearts content. The art is really good, the storyline is fun, and it's truly very very funny and silly. A good time for sure. And it's definitely re-read material. Looking forward to vol. 10! Please let there be more, cuz I feel like we definitely need more closure now that Shouta has graduated & they can openly date.
Nyanko Rating
This one will give you whiplash if you're not careful. It starts out with a dark, degrading tone, into farce, back to dark, into farce again, and ends up as a weird buddy comedy. By the end, the two boys who started out abusive end up as goofy pals, and then they embark on a group adventure. What?! Still, when the story hits, it works well. There are some lines of dialog the show markedly stronger writing than most other manga. The art is great, with subtle cues and nods to character tropes. The hero looks determinedly decent and heroic, sexy, and boyish all at once. The villains look like stereotypical villains, but with enough nuance and humor to show satire. The heroine is gorgeous, even when she dresses down, and plays some disparate roles without losing herself. It's a mixed bag. The tone is odd at times, but I am glad I pushed through.
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