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biggestrebel Rating
looks like this story is still on going but i already know ill love whatever comes next! I loved the first volume and so far love all of this!!!! The characters are hilarious but I love how they all get along ;wwww; I can't wait for more! Def check out vol. 1!!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
There was a lot going on here so at times I was super confused by all the commotion lol!! I wasn't a huge fan of Natsume, Kaede's little bro. I felt bad for Shuu, everyone treats him like an ass. He kinda is, but I think he's just a bit hopeless. I was hoping Kaz and Shuu had a thing going on and that nothing would happen with Kaz and Nat. So when we get to ch. 7 I was very pleasantly surprised. And the best scenes were of course with Kaede and Yoshitaka being all lovey dovey. We get lots of Keade's backstory and it's safe to say he definitely takes after his daddy lol!!!!
LMonster2 Rating
I love the further development of Yoshizawa and Kaede' a relationship. There are some fun twists that you may or may not support but you will enjoy this second volume as much as the first.
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