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himarin64 Rating
I LOVE THIS! Tough guy ukes are my jam and the cop is hot~ A bit disappointed the censors cover quite a bit more than needed but it's fine. Definitely recommend!
aika28 Rating
I love this one! Especially the snarky and cute remarks that Pupper and Princess exchanges with each other. Ahh...their interactions with each other are quite endearing! And, also the character in the first story being a tad tsundere. As if he didn't want a piece of dat action with that sexy man in the the police uniform...mmhmm...
ozmo Rating
I really enjoyed the first story with the delinquent and the porn star because I adore it when the big tough guys are the bottoms! Kaoru is just so cute, and the author really knows how to draw some buff dudes. Now the second story I am IN LOVE with. Kaoru's friend and his teacher interact a bit in the first story, and I really really wanted to see them get together, so I was super happy when it started to focus on them! Age gap where the older one is the bottom is one of my favorites!Both stories have really cute and funny moments! I can't wait to see where it's going to go next!
Jellygay Rating
Younger men x older men, must read, super hot! And the ukes are just mmmmmm so good!!!
kyokobaby Rating
Both stories are fantastic; well-drawn, sexy, and funny. I keep coming back to re-read because I hate waiting for the updates!
Chrisss Rating
Muscular bottoms desperate for some intense loving are the best. (?' ? `?)
Fuphanie Rating
Love the artwork. The storyline is great.
scrippsy Rating
I only bought chapters 8-14 because young guy x old guy is right up my alley. I thought really hard before buying and I don't regret! I love the art and the story esp the teacher. I'm definitely not crying right now because it's over but I look forward to more chapters!!!
Jwalker959 Rating
Good story. I prefer the first couple.
BoyLover Rating
Hot! Ended way to soon. Need more
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