User Reviews For: That's the Hottest Restaurant in Enoshima


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Lovlayne91 Rating
Cute! Definitely worth the points!
StreetUrchin Rating
Cute story, the cover does not seem to match the story.
sensibletron Rating
Both of these stories are delicious. Literally the only off-flavour is the weird covers.
sleeper195 Rating
Love it! Love the MCs and the support characters! It's also refreshing to see a story with a single female MC and multiple males that doesn't become a polygon. (So far at least.)
loopysheep Rating
This is a breath of fresh air. The female character is relatable, and the male character is kind and affable. Like consomm辿, the trick to these characters is to simmer. You won't find hard smut here. But you will find genuinely beautiful drawing and emotions. I can't wait for the next volume.
Nekocat Rating
Such a lovely story with a kind hearted protagonist that will make your heart melt and your appetite come out!
lurika Rating
I loved it. The story ok it's you can call "piegas" but it's so cute and simple emotional. And the drawing is beautiful. So it's worth my money.
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