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lavendersoap Rating
The story is as advertised, although you should be aware that at least 2 of the 3 brothers are a bit sadistic. It does not fall in the "sweet love" category, but definitely in the forbidden love / love triangle realm. Currently on volume 3. Be aware that there is a date rape scene in volume 3, if you're uncomfortable with those scenarios. Both the artwork and story are 4 stars. It takes 2 volumes for the main character to fully realize that her step-siblings have romantic feelings for her, so the progression is a bit slow. In volume 3, the three seemingly stereotypical male characters are starting to reveal hidden personality traits as they vie for the main character's heart.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
not a real reverse harem, since there's obviously only gonna be one true couple at the end. This was kinda confusing with the back and forth emotions and Saki being really indecisive. I guess that's natural though. I didn't like that the two brothers that were actively pursuing her were total playboys and she's a virgin still. I liked the older brother, he was stoic and steadfast, perfect for Saki. Want to see what happens next! Arts ok and the story is interesting.
canbee Rating
So far so good. The story is somewhat cliche, but personally I like it and the story is interesting none the less. I really enjoy the light-hearted momements between the mc and her siblings, however, there are moments that may trigger some readers as stated in a different review. Although it's early into the series, I really love the older brother Shinobu. I think he would complement the main character, Saki, very well and I would prefer to see them together in the end, but it's still to early to tell and it seems like the direction may go towards the middle brother as the story progresses. Still, I look forward to reading more and finding out who ends up with Saki.
fluggerbutter Rating
I really really like the story despite the narrative being a bit clunky at times. Art is lovely and it hits right in the feels~~~I recommend!!
Jenangelx3 Rating
I think it's a great manga. Yes, it's a bit cliche and it ended up going exactly where I wanted, but it kept me latched on from the start. It's actually little to not smut and more plot/romance based, so I enjoyed it enough to keep reading.
ghbykiydimlwesaq Rating
It was ok
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