User Reviews For: A Sweet Beast [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Ltrocks78 Rating
Hands down the best! You laughter you ass off and absolutely love the characters
Suudere Rating
I've read a whole lot of yaoi but this is one of my favourites. I just can't re read it enough I just LOVE it so so so much. The characters are hilarious and adorable, the plot is simple and the sex scenes are suuuper sexy and there's hardly any drama just sweet sexy love. I'm in love with this series <3
Momoni Rating
It was sweet story. Fun to read. I have stomach ache from laughing too much. Worth to re-read. Going to support this sensei works in future.
Animegirl300 Rating
Amazing job by a new favorite mangaka! It hits all the right notes, and is a great mix of steamy, hilarious, and heartfelt! I adore these two doofuses and their relationship!
mariais28 Rating
I love this story I give it 5 stars it was so great I love the sex scenes between the two people interconnection that they had between each other it was definitely worth the tickets I spend I could read this over and over again
sereneione Rating
This is the best out of all of Suji-sensei's works. Plenty of smut and laughter, the best combination ever.
Zehel Rating
I really loved the story. It shows you how love makes you a better person and teaches you that to achieve your goals you need hard work and great effort . Suji-sensei did something so cuteee!
havvki Rating
Let's just say you definitely get the right "bang" for your buck lmao the characters are fun and witty, the art is wonderful, and the steamy scenes are *chef's kiss* top-notch. also, it says one chapter but it's actually the whole thing--over 100 pages total. Definitely worth it!!
kagome383 Rating
This manga has pretty great storyline all around. Funny and sexy with a little bit of seriousness in between. All in all 20/10
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Definitely worth getting. Great characters that are evenly matched in a well paced story that has a good balance between plot, sexy times and the fluffy moments.
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