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msgiggles11223 Rating
OMG you have to read it. The fist page is going to catch you in a instant. Its so good I love it. I can't wait for the next volume.
lizzynciole Rating
I don't understand how or why this has such a high rating. Every scene was dub-con bordering very closely to non-con. And supposedly somehow through all of this Akira falls in love with this guy? The seme has no redeeming qualities and does nothing even remotely worth falling in love with. Unless abuse is your thing, because this isn't BDSM, give this one a hard pass.
Seranwrap99 Rating
I wanted to like this and kept reading to see if it would get better but I really can't stand the seme. Basically all of their encounters are against the uke's will and I mean really against his will. I usually like a little resistance between a seme and uke but this was too much. The seme crossed the line in my opinion, but if you're really into BDSM you might like it.
Nibachu Rating
From the overwhelming positive reviews and my absolute love for delinquent ukes, I thought I would've loved this one. I ended up reading it all as I did want to know what would happen next but wasn't a fan of the seme. The seme is possessive and controlling, he uses hypnotism to force the uke in sexual acts. I know realistically hypnotism can't do things unwilling, but the manga is fiction and portrays it to be out of the uke's will most times. Most of of the manga is sex, not really romantic enough for me in my opinion. Simple story, not really in depth in my opinion.Overall not bad, but I wouldn't say it was great either.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is sooooooo gooooooooood. The story isn't very complicated to follow, it's actually very entertaining and the art is great. I love when the delinquent is the bottom! Akira is the typical cool, uninterested playboy wannabe thug who just got handled in the most embarrassing way by no other than the weird, serious guy Reiji. I love a good opposites attract story too! This has it all! A little bit of humor, some teen angst drama, a little fantasy, a couple of love rivals thrown in and lots and lots of smexy times added in for good measure. I like how we can see the dynamics between them play out each chapter and how slowly, but surely they are beginning to fall for one another, just too stubborn to give in. Seriously though, at the end of each chapter I'm left craving the next! It's so good and before I know it it's over and I'm left hanging on waiting to see what's going to happen next. Love it!!!!!
ebookrenta0ava916jg Rating
Cant wait fpr the bext book!!! I love this series
changos1234 Rating
love love this title they are sooo cute together ???????
Usagi9 Rating
I love how the relationship between the two of them grows to one where they truly seem to like each other. It gives the story depth that some others just skip over for the instant love trope.
kk121493 Rating
Hypnotism and BDSM!!! What could make for a better combo!?! ?????
LMonster2 Rating
Although I am not always into bdsm I have to say that I did like this storyline. Funny, hot and if you keep coming back for more who knows how love grows. ^_^
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