User Reviews For: You're the One I Want to Tease -A Cold Childhood Friend's Warm Fingers-


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dokidokidead Rating
You know when the guys name ends in -suke (Kousuke, Yusuke, Sasuke...) its gonna be a panty dropper!
sweettea517 Rating
Oh boy, I rarely write reviews but this one needs 100 more - WHY HAVEN'T MORE PEOPLE READ THIS SERIES? First of all, the art is amaaazing, the dude is super hot and the main girl's interactions are way too relatable!!! I was both giggling and fanning myself at the same time. The sexy scenes are great - the title really fits the series because his teasing is 10/10 quality (both during and outside said steamy scenes hehe)!! I bought these chapters so fast - Only to find out after 4 that it's completed? I was so excited for it to be updated...super disappointed because it feels like it just left off at the end, but I'd still recommend it as a read nonetheless.
milkypink Rating
I find it interesting that so many people loved this; it really didn't do it for me. I was first shocked when it stated that the love interest is 7 years older than the MC who is in hs. I'm guessing she's 18, and luckily the age difference didn't really come into play, but it did make me uncomfortable right off the bat. I'm very confused by the love interest because at one point he just tells the MC to get out of his life forever and then the next day chases after her..? and there is really absolutely no explanation for this whatsoever. Does not feel justified or like "teasing." The scene cuts are very jarring and often confused me. And some of the better sex scenes just cut off right in the middle! Lemme see the action! The art is really nice and the nsfw scenes are pretty good (when they're allowed to play all the way through) but it left me feeling pretty unsatisfied and is probably not something I'm going to come back to.
sasaraRH Rating
This series is too short damnit!! I love it so much!! It is so hot, funny and just, mmm, good. Yusuke is the best, teased himari like amazingly, and it's a great read. I just wish it was longer, it ends too fast, I want more!! I need more, these two are so great and I just need more of this story and plot, and their characters. Plus I love the art style! Definitely recommend, just really wish it was longer.
huangjen1123 Rating
This was such a cute but sexy little story! I loved the male lead and the female lead! If you don't mind age gap, then I would recommend this story! (The female lead is cute, I wanna pat her on the head haha)
alexandriablack Rating
This is the first book that I purchased on Renta and I don't regret buying it. The plot is well written and doesn't have any unnecessary drama. The ML is just my type and the MC is so cute. I reread this at least once a week and it never gets old. The way the ML eases the MC is such a turn on and the art is burning hot!
bishamontenn Rating
It was good. I definitely recommend it!
Andromeda Rating
Super hot, it burns us. Loved reading this story, short and sweet, and sexy!
Rilicia Rating
Nice story and art, but it's pretty short, wish there was more though.
Bleue Rating
so good
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