User Reviews For: You're the One I Want to Tease -A Cold Childhood Friend's Warm Fingers-


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dokidokidead Rating
You know when the guys name ends in -suke (Kousuke, Yusuke, Sasuke...) its gonna be a panty dropper!
sweettea517 Rating
Oh boy, I rarely write reviews but this one needs 100 more - WHY HAVEN'T MORE PEOPLE READ THIS SERIES? First of all, the art is amaaazing, the dude is super hot and the main girl's interactions are way too relatable!!! I was both giggling and fanning myself at the same time. The sexy scenes are great - the title really fits the series because his teasing is 10/10 quality (both during and outside said steamy scenes hehe)!! I bought these chapters so fast - Only to find out after 4 that it's completed? I was so excited for it to be updated...super disappointed because it feels like it just left off at the end, but I'd still recommend it as a read nonetheless.
bishamontenn Rating
It was good. I definitely recommend it!
sasaraRH Rating
This series is too short damnit!! I love it so much!! It is so hot, funny and just, mmm, good. Yusuke is the best, teased himari like amazingly, and it's a great read. I just wish it was longer, it ends too fast, I want more!! I need more, these two are so great and I just need more of this story and plot, and their characters. Plus I love the art style! Definitely recommend, just really wish it was longer.
Andromeda Rating
Super hot, it burns us. Loved reading this story, short and sweet, and sexy!
Rilicia Rating
Nice story and art, but it's pretty short, wish there was more though.
Bleue Rating
so good
ashley3997 Rating
Short story but it has the most adorable story line. I've always wanted a love like this and just being able to read a story line like this makes me so happy.
jimbonigin Rating
Bananamilk Rating
Great art and story! The characters are loveable, male lead is cool but cares a lot about the female lead despite all the teasing. His reactions are funny (esp when female lead is worrying about something dumb). Smut scenes are hot and fits well with the story. Overall a wonderful read!
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