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TouchTheSound Rating
I'm a HUGE fan if this author's work. This is really great. I am enjoying the story and the characters so far and I am eager to read all of it.
artsquirrel Rating
This is a good read with an engaging storyline. The characters work together and the story isn't all about sex. It's good to see something sweet from time to time and how the pair support each other really adds to the feel of it.I totally recommend if you're looking for something that will leave you with the feels.
revtul Rating
I liked the story and the art. But I have to say that I had hoped that the prince would have found his own passion (e.g. related to work or hobbies), now I think his character development wasn't as deep as I would have liked. Also I would have liked to see more steamy (extra) chapters. :D But this is worth reading. Only sex with consent in this one, yay! :)
kyokobaby Rating
This is probably my favorite story by Nerima Zim, although the author's ability to create unique, expressive characters is something I really enjoy on the whole. There's a good balance of humor and drama which moves the story along nicely. The progression of Shino and Aldo's relationship feels authentic, too, which I always appreciate. And the art is fantastic! I'll keep coming back to read this one :) :)
Ashurichan Rating
This was cute and funny, good for a light read if you have no expectations; and it's refreshing to read something not 100% smut (if you're here for smut go elsewhere!). I love this author but this is nowhere near the quality of her other stories. Character development was non-existent, it felt rushed and left me a little unsatisfied. Rent don't buy. I purchased it based on how much I enjoyed the other stories but that was a mistake. Rental is plenty.
mngtr Rating
It's really cute! A funny twist to the common cinderella story. Ossans make everything better.It feels really short and the chapters are broken up in weird spots though, as if it's supposed to be 5 chapters broken into 8. I wish there's more to it, like an extra or an epilogue where they're more lovey dovey.
Alabama Rating
Cute quick read. Nothing particularly special though. Felt like the research behind this one was a little rushed as well.
ebookrenta0pi2o9y0j Rating
So cute! Not as much sexy time as I had expected, but I totally fell in love with the story and characters. Can't wait to read more.
Midorisafree Rating
I love this manga too, as the story progresses, you love the characters more and more.I want to continue reading more about them
minyan Rating
I love the arts and the pairs
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