User Reviews For: Wizard Countdown [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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bakaotaku Rating
The manga was very cute and sexy with the right amount of sexual tension. I loved the first story and wanted more of it! It is definitely worth a read!
PennyDreadful Rating
Loved it. It was cute and smutty. The art was really nice, too. I liked the main story better than the second one, would have liked to see more of their (first couple) relationship develop more, but def worth my points.
mushrooms Rating
There really isn't anything special to say about this manga. The relationship is about as organic as most other BL manga and the plot is just kinda. there. It's not terrible but it's not great either.
Story was sweet and had a nice balance of comedy, romance, and real feels. I'm surprised that the author didn't delve much into Haru's history and instead went with Kei's. I love Kei's caring nature and his patience with Haru. Haru is a total newb at love and it was nice to see how he dealt with these feelings. For a virgin, he's got a solid backbone, so kudos! Love the little tidbits at the end, these two are a wholesome pair and quite kinky, lol. Second story was endearing as it involved a single parent's relationship between his tot and lover. Kazuki, that grown-ass adult, pulled a kabedon on a little kid and fought with him over his dad, sheesh, lamo. We can see the cause of Tetsu's stress. The topic sensitivity was appropriate and the resolve was a positive step forward. A fun and sweet book that I enjoyed greatly.
funbrillo Rating
I bought this and love it. There are two stories. I like the main one more with the guy that is about to become a
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