User Reviews For: Welcome to the Yaoi Research Club: 2-in-1 Bonus Chapter


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jellyAce Rating
The consent is kinda dubious but I adore these three idiots.
FujoZD Rating
Yay! The double penetration has finally happened!
Sakuragawa Rating
Short but it was good. Threesome with the long awaited DP, yum. Too bad Satou was drunk and doesn't remember a thing afterwards.
HorseObsessed Rating
Still don't know who he chose, couldn't he choose one? So is he keeping the relationship going as is, with the three of them?
Chenaultj Rating
Great little extra story. The art is amazing, my favorite style. The story is really cute but also funny. Read the original as well as this one if you like m辿nage!
BLloverCassirole Rating
This was cute. Now I need to go read the main one so I can figure out who these characters are.
gayjellyfish Rating
Dubious consent but as long as you're here for the smut and not the realism it's some good stuff.
LilithV Rating
Amo a Haruta. Y la historia de estos tres es siempre divertida. Son unos tontos, pero bueno, as鱈 se quieren.
Shiichan Rating
awwwww my life is so completed now :)
Choconna Rating
A quick, ridiculous read- it's so annoying when someone gets attacked while their defenses are down- but I can't say I didn't at least kinda enjoy it. Still I like Yuusuke more! And drunk Satou was super cute. I just don't like that they got him like that. Worth the purchase if it doesn't bother you though and it made me feel a little more complete after reading the main story though.
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