User Reviews For: The Duchess Of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-


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annegreen Rating
This seems like the start to a really promising story! I particularly the heroine, I found her to be extremely likable- although cheerful, she's resourceful and practical and is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of MCs, who rarely have even one redeeming quality.
mangamartha Rating
Such a cute story. As I read chapters 1-10 I thought "This is cute but so predictable..." Then along came chapter 11 and I started laughing out loud. I love this heroine. She is so refreshing. This one is completely smut free after 11 chapters so if that is what floats your boat, look elsewhere. But for an adorable storyline, refreshing fmale lead and a charming story, it is totally worth the purchase of 11 chapters so far. Can't wait for more!
xanimeprincessx Rating
Honestly, one of my favorite mangas right now! The heroine is so refreshing. She is sweet, down to earth, practical and, truthfully, does not care about romance. Her husband is a bit more quiet and aloof, at the start he really only seems to care for his mistress. But that does not last too long. Though he originally proposed the contract marriage strictly to keep up appearances, it is quite clear the man is falling for his wife. I love the story so far and I can't wait to see how this continues to develop. Definitely worth all the points!
peccare Rating
I've finished reading until chapter 11. Safe to say that I totally love this manga! The female lead has one of a kind personality that's utterly commendable, which is not get easily falling in love with the male lead. I love when a person sticks to their principle and is assertive with their purpose. Male lead might come off as being fickle, but at least he finally knows which one is worth better. Look forward to seeing how the male lead will properly court and charm the female lead.
tm2yk Rating
I love the heroine reaction with hero. Like "I'am more happy without u in house. Go sho sho to ur SEXY BITCH".
Lovlayne91 Rating
I love it! And I 100% recommend!!!! Worth the points and worth the excruciating wait for new releases!!!
Rain Rating
A cute and funny story about two people who enter a contract marriage. He wants a spouse who's willing to let him live with his lover and she just want to save her family from ruin. She's not in any way interested in him. Actually she wants him out the door as much as possible so that she can dress simple, clean and eat with the servants. She has a perfect life WITHOUT him. It takes him a while to realize what a wonderful wife he has.
PrincessPinky Rating
A really good series, so far! I love the female lead. She's so down to earth! Plus, it's great to FINALLY see one who isn't so head over hills (for some guy that treats her like crap) that she is stupid. I can't wait for the other volumes! Easily one of my favorite manga titles.
Nana Rating
It's very cute and i love it..totally recommend it..
waiwa Rating
This manga is very good!!Heroine is so lively and make me feel fresh.Can't wait vol'7!!!
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