User Reviews For: Second Chances: Can This Love Be Melancholy?


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Weeb4Life Rating
A sweet and calming slow-burn, like reading an old book on a warm day while drinking tea, I feel like it slowly warmed my heart. The two leads are both serious about life and work, but are actually huge bookworms and bond over this shared love. There's also a nice message about how no matter how long we live, love always finds us, which does give me a bit of hope for the future <3
AinoKusabi Rating
A very enjoyable read, for a change. I might just read the entire series.
bElikewaterDC Rating
It was a soothing one to read.
bluepall Rating
me encantan lo romances con diferencia de edad y esta me cayo como anillo al dedo.
gabi123577 Rating
A really cute story. Age gap is the best, and the oji-san at the end of the manga was such a otaku himself. And her son are... SEXY AS HELL TOO.
momojinxie Rating
I love an age gap but when they say
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