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Risuna Rating
I love how the mangaka placed so much information into two page spreads yet is able to direct your eyes smoothly through the pages so that every detail is noticed & the pages are read fullyI also love the quick pace of the plot & the characters - its a sexy love story with sweet moments sprinkled in & I can't wait for the next chapter~!
cohen5483 Rating
The story vaguely makes sense. But in the long run, it doesn't. They touch on the topic of turning the girl into a model but there wasn't really anything that led up to this point and I felt like they just plugged the modeling bit back in the later chapters out of necessity. Then sprinkled throughout the story so far, the guy randomly shows up to save the day out of nowhere in a really unrealistic fashion (sure I know I'm reading fiction but seriously?) to the point it gets a little cringey and corny - and example is in ch 1. When I first read it, I thought it might of been a joke or she was just imagining it but, no it did happen. There's lots of sex for those interested.
Yahiko03 Rating
The story line and art is good but the sex scenes has to much talking. Its like I'm watching a porn
Hysteria Rating
The art is simply beautiful and love the story line so far ! Can't wait for more chapters to release!!!
Celaerys Rating
The art is gorgeous, the main characters are cute together, the plot is typical but interesting enough to continue reading, and the sexy times are pretty long and detailed if you're into that! Overall I think it's worth reading if you're looking for a cute/fluffy romance that's not too deep, but has plenty of smut~
missorange Rating
Love it..beautiful story and drawing
MissStelle Rating
The art work is really beautiful. It's cute but the story kinda doesn't add up... why he suddenly like that girl....? Well maybe it will be explained later on. Might read more~
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