User Reviews For: When Da Silva Breaks the Rules Blood Brothers III


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Majala Rating
A genuine Cinderella story of two damaged people overcoming the odds to fall in love - part of a trilogy, perhaps? Beautiful art work. Just a bit too short to really build the love story. Well worth a read.
Salz89 Rating
What a happy ending for the three brothers. I really recommend this series blood brother
Oltrepassassi Rating
This was the finale, and it turned the first two upside down. The story of the mother is finally revealed, very different from what we previously learned about her, and this story about Male and female MCs was pretty heavy. Definitely wasn't expecting that! As a single story - each was okay. As a whole series - heartwrenching and beautiful.
Weeb4Life Rating
Last of a great trilogy, this one's much heavier than the other ones. Actress Lexie has some deep trauma from her past (and I mean seriously deep and scarring) which makes filming love scenes very difficult for her, so she asks taciturn hermit Cesar (mysteriously the only man who doesn't make her feel uncomfortable) to pretend to be her lover so that she can get used to it. He has his own selfish reasons for agreeing, but he soon comes to genuinely care for Lexie. And learning about her heart-breaking past really puts his own issues into perspective and makes him realises how much he wants to protect her and make her happy. And we finally learn the truth about the brothers' mother Esperanza! After hearing so much about what a heartless gold-digger she was, it's a relief to finally learn her full story. It's sad to think that she died w/out having achieved what she'd been so desperately working for for so long. This one was a real tearjerker for me.
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