User Reviews For: The Mascot is the Goddess of Victory


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GrimLuciel Rating
I feel like this is my personal duty to inform you that yes, they do sexy times while in the mascot suit. If you're into that, totally go for this. Not my cup of tea but the art was cute!
neko Rating
The art style attracted me and the cute ridiculousness of the premise. XD Overall an enjoyable read with adorkable characters and pretty hot scenes. I do wish some bits were built up more or read longer. I hope they also develop the stories of the side characters as well. The newer bits seem a bit rushed so i hope there will be more build up next time.
Nopeachesforme Rating
The art is good, the editing is great, and the story is hot with some really cute moments! The design of the mascot suit itself is pretty basic, so if that matters to you, you might be disappointed. Overall, a good purchase!
syntaxerror Rating
It's one of those quirky strange BLs
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