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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Loved the main couple, Ai and Ko, so much! They were perfect! Cute and sincere and Ko was so funny with all of his facial expressions. Loved it when he sees Ai crying and he thinks it's because he ate all of her lunch she had offered to him. So precious! Their relationship started off with a major misunderstanding, but they were meant for one another. On the other hand I didn't like Ai's best friend Moe and Ai's boss that much. I didn't like that she never once really came out and told him that she was trying to get him to see Ai as a potential girlfriend. The whole time she just enjoys her time with him, but feels guilty about it. Duh, you should be! Anyway, everything gets resolved because Ai is the bigger person and truly falls in love with Ko. Art is great, clean and cute. I really like this mangaka's work. She hardly ever disappoints. It's really good! :D
Sasafras82 Rating
So cute, I really wish that they would make a second volume. If a second volume is made I hope it focuses more on the main couple, rather than her boss and best friend.
Nyanko Rating
I really enjoyed this one. The dynamic between the two female characters is central to the stories. We get POV from both during the same events, so we get a picture of how deep their bond of friendship is. We see them grappling with their conflicting emotions as the story progresses, until they learn to be honest with themselves. Friendship is about accepting the shortcomings of others as well as their positives. There are no villains here, and I found the way the characters dealt with the romance was far more interesting than the romances themselves. It's a rare case where the romance takes a backseat to friendship, and the story focuses more on character growth. The art is lovely and character faces are expressive so you don't need the inner monologues so much. The bonus stories are lighthearted and show the couples interacting as friends.
ebookrenta06zufddy4 Rating
Super cute. Worth the read...
hempress Rating
absolutely loved this! lots of sweet love and healthy supportive female friendship! if you like your manga mostly sweet with only a teensy dash of sexy, this is for you!
ebookrenta094dygr71 Rating
The main couple was very cute and I love the friendship the two girls have. It was nice feelings all around.
27daisuki Rating
Very cute accompanied by sexy! 5 stars because this manga actually respects consent unlike a lot of manga at this site!
serenereve Rating
Its really hard to find a manga that's both sweet and sexy(just like real life guys) but this manga hits the spot!
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