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asanctum Rating
Super cute and an addictive read!! It has a lot of little twists and turns and the characters have cute chemistry. Would definitely recommend!!!
esp13 Rating
This is such a cute love story with a supernatural twist to it! The smut is hot and also adorable. I can't wait for more!
Mybabies0709 Rating
I like this story as it's kinda unique. It's not super fast paced but not slow either. The characters are cute and get more relatable as you get to know them. I personally like this story. Love the art n characters. Hope to see more coming and love bl so I'll check n see what all this writer wrote.
Makotaz Rating
I didn't expect the plot to be this way. I thought it would just be a lot of smuts, but it actually is much more. It's an easy to read story, not too deep or heavy, but deep enough to make it addicting and interesting. Ryo is so cute. I have a strong urge to protect him like many people in the manga lol!
reneelanglois Rating
It”s vers exiting to read i hope the rest Will be the same
susanbd21 Rating
I'm here for all of this. Intrigued Cis top and diligent bottom in a spooky fantasy is just right for Halloween time.
Cygnus Rating
I really love this series, hope it'll go on for a long time! Good art too, although not much variation in character designs. Lots of good smuts. It's fun and relaxing to read this everyday life setting, problem solving in relationship issues that we can relate to in real life, no over the top drama. Honesty and good communication is always the key to having good relationship. I love how Ninomiya's love for Ryo always extinguished any insecurity Ryo had. Psychic ability adds a nice touch to the story. They're simply one of the cutest couples! Definitely worth collecting this series.
stalla77 Rating
This manga is super adorable
Velana Rating
I can't wait for more! So addictive. Glad I bought it cause I will definitely read it again. The story is fun and easy to read. It's slower paced than my usual but I'm loving the development of the characters. Enough smut to hold my interest and fast enough to keep me wanting more. With all the twists and turns and gradual learning more and more of the MCs it's more like a heart throbbing romance novel with great smut. This will always be one of my favs! Please hurry up with the next chapters.
TouchTheSound Rating
I love this story so much so far!
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