User Reviews For: The Sharp-Tongued Lawyer -Let It All Out-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ok, I know this isn't listed as a comedy, but I was definitely chuckling and rolling my eyes at this story. The h seems to be TSTL. Seriously, 2 years of dating and it never seemed suspicious that her bf was married? And his wife? Don't get me started yo! But Japan does have a super duper strict adultery law and spouses can sue for damage and still stay married to their cheating spouse. But it almost seems like this husband and wife are scammers. That's just my opioion, will have to stay tuned to see if this poor girl gets out of this mess. She's got bad luck and taste with the fellas. So let's keep our fingers crossed her lawyer aka old classmate can work his magic at both her personal and love life. But she seriously needs to grow a backbone and get angry every now and then, sheesh! Don't let men run you! Even the lawyer is being kinda a d!ck, but I think it's b/c he could never get her back in the day. We'll see how this all turns out.
Yahiko03 Rating
First of all, what kind of world do they live in that she has to pay them money for dating a married man? Like she's the only one involved in this love affair . Wow, stuff like this really urks me that I don't even want to continue reading this. That wife should get sued for domestic violence. I don't even want to get on that disgusting husband( trying to act all innocent)
Monique Rating
It was very fast, a bit sloppy actually and with dubious consent. A somewhat "you owe me sex" kind of thing which I really didn't like and the characters hardly interacted with each other without getting naked. The art is cute though.
JeanNamba Rating
Very short story but very sweet storyline. Glad I bought this series
Rein Sake Rating
Nice story line with good character development
ebookrenta0jxqh98i0 Rating
Be careful with jealous guy?.. so cute, so dominate?
BringMeTheSmut Rating
I loved the art and I thought the story was interesting and ended sweetly. The smut was super hot. Some people might be sensitive to the beginning where there is non con / dub con to some extent. However I like the trope of the hot guy not being able to keep his hands off the female, cause she's so desirable.
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