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Yahiko03 Rating
I'm trying ang trying to enjoy the manga but that female MC is just too annoying. I just can't take it.
Nyanko Rating
I'd rate this at a 3.5, and giving a hair more because sone of the artwork is cute, The heroine is immature, impulsive, and fixated on an ideal love from her past, which makes her annoying a lot of the time. Still, she is emotionally honest and learns to deal with complex ideas regarding love. She's an innocent romantic learns that you can love more than one person in your life. She also learns that emotional attraction and physical atteaction can be experienced separately and still be OK, and that love can blossom from a physical attraction. The heroine is honest with herself that she is sexually attracted to the male character, and also that she does have her own sexual desires. She even learns to satisfy herself! The sex throughout runs on the dubcon side, so this is a sexual fantasy where a man "awakens" female desire.
cohen5483 Rating
The girl just can't seem to get over her past love (or ex?) and the guy just takes advantage of that. There's dubcon with the smut in the beginning and I got really confused about just how they ended up sleeping with each other, like it just happened. I only got more annoyed towards the end when he was "showing her off"... I mean there are ways you can make a declaration and then there are "ways" that are completely necessary...why???
momojinxie Rating
Standard and simple both the girl and guy are a little cringey at times but it ends on a good note
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