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Ricelily Rating
Technically, I give this a 3.5 stars. The premise lured me in out of curiosity. The art is lovely and saucy but I'm not a huge fan of how this Sadist/Masochist dynamic came about in the story =/ too predatory for my taste but I know there are fans out there who would enjoy it. However, I'll keep an eye out for the next chapter to see if the character development improves.
AnimeFan95 Rating
This is literally one of my favorite Love/Spicy manga. It has steamy sex scenes and it has interesting backstory for Kyosuke to why he needs Suzu. It went from Kyosuke needing Suzu for sex to needing Suzu just being there for him. If you are a person who wants to read a manga with Sadistic/Masochistic-like theme during sex (NO ROPES OR BONDAGE and it's just in their personality while having sex), then this is manga for those readers.
PeachRenta Rating
I'm glad I didn't give up on this series. I finally understood his reasoning. Now I am looking forward to the next one.
chouchou Rating
I actually really enjoyed this. Not nearly as cliched as this seemed at first glance. Sweet, steamy, and surprisingly heartfelt.
Notreallymeant2be Rating
Good story!
Trackies1 Rating
The art is amazing and the storyline keeps you interested. The main characters really draw you in.
Evian Rating
I really enjoyed this manga! I liked how the guy was harsh in the first book and soon progressed to become cute and likeable.
NightcoreManiac Rating
I really liked this chapter. I am writing a review to show appreciation to the author but to also point out a few things. I think it would have been better if there was more backstory other than the cliche trying to find a job story that everyone seems to like. I think that the characters should have more substance. The stories are very nice but could use more thought. Those are my only concerns. On the other hand, they are really enjoyable stories and I would recommend to a few friends.
Jennifer Rating
I really enjoyed this. It is sweet and steamy. The art is great. I gave this a rating of 4 stars.
Strick Rating
Good story, guy is harsh at 1st but as chapters progress he becomes more likeable, eventually making a cute couple.
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