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Zanevogel Rating
The art is wonderful and so far I'm enjoying the first chapter. I love characters who are like Chiaki both in regular and in yaoi. I don't know, something about the cute innocent guy is always a plus for me in yaoi. Can't wait for the next chapter and hope it comes out soon. I may just become a fan of natsume-sama(?).
Hotaru2018 Rating
Loved this! Lovely art and characters. Enjoyable story line too.
AinoKusabi Rating
Really love the art with this manga, the characters are good, and the plot is interesting.
Valhuka Rating
Squeeeeeee! So cute ^_^
Ali1381 Rating
Chapter one and I'm hooked already! It's a great story line and beautiful art! Really looking forward to more chapters. I know it takes time but i wanna keep reading more. You won't regret it!
LMonster2 Rating
This was awesome! I loved how the characters interacted wit each other and how easily swayed the editor is. So cute and funny!
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Read this!!! The art is gorgeous, the story and feels are amazing. Smut is super sexy and consensual. One of my faves.
Omou Rating
Really hilarious. Wish I could have seen what happened with that doctor uniform lmao.
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