User Reviews For: You and Tonight


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sammy86067 Rating
This manga genuinely has a plot that keeps you engaged. The protagonists have built up character traits besides being a genetic seme/uke. Can't wait to see what happens in volume two!
JenRT Rating
It's pretty good but so unresolved. The other chapters aren't available yet, so it may be a long wait for the couple to get together. The main characters are sweet guys and the art is pretty good. The artist is good at loving looks and looks of yearning.
Daekin Rating
I really enjoyed this story. It's full of real feeling and situations, and I'm genuinely curious as to how things will continue to develop. I can't wait for volume 2!
Waterbaby09 Rating
I really enjoy how everything is built up for the most part but I don't like how things are left unresolved and the coworker is extremely pushy bordering on harassing