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Risuna Rating
I initially bought this because of the beautiful art style & I fell in love with it with the bathroom scene. It's completely different than anything I've ever read before!It's sweet & funny & I highly recommend it for anyone who needs a pick-me-up.
PinkKink Rating
It was just okay. It could have been much better. The art is great, but the story is a little bland and just a touch overdone. Mahoko's feelings and Chise's reasoning don't quite make sense, and all together the story is kind of convoluted. Like I said, it's an okay story, but I wouldn't give it a second read.
kveroco Rating
Interesting story. I like this author, have read other works by her. Amorous Devil is still by far my favorite, but this one is not bad at all. Enjoyed the art, the story is catchy, sweet and of corse spicy. Recommend.
antiem Rating
I must have re-read this at least 5 times and I still like thw feelings I have. There is a little tastefully drawn smut, the art us beautiful and the story makes sense. Thank you, author!
theakaneko Rating
Omg these stories are super cute! The title story is 3 parts of the whole thing, and the separate story is fun as well. Happily ever afters with the barest hint of toward the supernatural. Very much enjoyed this and putting on my reread and recommendation lists.
masalove Rating
Story was cute and lovely. You get your passive then assertive hero and the subtle heroine. Good read overall.
Cg11031969 Rating
I really liked the story, he was very determined to get what he wanted
artemis Rating
Loved the storyline and art. It is sweet and spicy.
kittyrevelry Rating
Aw, cute and spicy.
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