User Reviews For: The Teacher's (My) Pet -A Handsome Student's Twisted Love-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What a bad teacher and student!! Tsk tsk! I love how the females are portrayed as super weak to pleasure (insert eye roll). I would have clocked him! But that would be a totally different story then. The art is really nice, but the storyline kinda seems boring. The twist at the end sure picked up the pace though. See how this is gonna turn out.
Risuna Rating
I only read the first chapter & I'm not a huge fan of the art style but I LOVE the male MC's sadistic nature in this story - so far, the teacher is... forgettable... I hope she gains more personality later on but I'm definitely sticking to this story solely because of the male MC
Capitulate Rating
I think I wanted to hate this by the end of the first chapter, but the male lead is pretty hot to me. There isn't a lot of story or character development here. The MC doesn't have a ton of personality, and the story could've shown us more of their risque encounters, and worked harder to convince us that they were in love. It wasn't great, but it's not the worst I've seen on this site.
ScarletHAP12 Rating
Blech. I can't believe this crap. The characters have no substance or motivation and their personalities change radically.The only thing it has going for it are some good sex scenes
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