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Vuongha1998 Rating
In LOVE with the plot so far. Please don't make the ending twisted, my heartu can't take. I hope Ritsu would crack our heroine shell :)
HibiscusLove629 Rating
This is by far one of my favorite stories to read. I've stumbled across this title and figured I'd check it out and let me tell you, Worth. It. The plot is different and you can't help but to be emotionally invested as you read and feel empathy towards the main characters and fall in love with them. I can't wait for the next volume considering that there's a generous amount of pages in each volume for what you pay for!
novembersierra Rating
such a sweet story! love the characters. not the usual pushover female character.
bluerabu Rating
I love this slow burn and hurt/comfort story. Characters are so well written, and I love when heroes get head over heels first. Ritsuki is the perfect knight to defend Sumire's honor.
Jinx Rating
Really good art. The MC heroine seems like a fighter already so that's refreshing, despite all the stuff she's put through at school. Hoping the love interest turns out well, because some of the expressions were already giving me a heart squeeze. I'll be looking for the next chapter.
Vampiro83 Rating
I like the storyline....
lolo430 Rating
This is such an amazing manga so far. I cant wait for the whole truth to come out! The suspense is so real!!!!
ebookrenta0qlxi80j2 Rating
Ah, the character development is pretty good. I'm dying to know what happened in her past. If you like high school drama type of story then you probably like this story. There are parts that makes your blood boil but the outcome is kind of satisfying too.
Juju Rating
So good to see a strong female heroin in such a cute setting, loving the story so far.
Milli Rating
I really hope for more chapters. I absolutely love the Story and the characters. Can't wait to find out more about the background Story!!
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