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oAnnDoll Rating
it was okay, no mini story is long enough to get invested in the characters
Nikkita Rating
Firstly, I have to say that, personally, I am Makoto Itsuki sensei's fan, although I haven't read all sensei's works because I can only buy sensei's works in English and my mother language. XD So I can be quite biased and please forgive me for that. lol. There are 4 stories and some of them are supernatural. All of them are rom-com which you can sit and relax reading them. Makoto Itsuki sensei loves jokes and if you want any deep development of characters or some serious common sense, this one (or sensei's other works, as far as I have read) is not for you. As for the art, you can check the sample pages, of course, is to my liking and sensei's chibi is so adorable. All in all, the stories are nothing special or new, but they are hilarious and have this funny yet cute vibe I found unique, the kind that tells me
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