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idgal Rating
Now this is what omegaverse is about! A lot of smut between childhood friends who are more?... not much plot but hoping to see where the story is going.
Flowery Rating
I'm really loving this story so far. The alpha loves the omega very much and must have him no matter what. I'm glad that they had some sort of buildup first. The art is pretty as well. I'm excited for chapter 5 but it hasn't been updated for a very long time now. I wonder why?
OzawaShuri Rating
If you're looking for a fluffy romance Alpha X Omega then this is your book. Gosh it's cute and the interaction seems natural and not forced, love it very much
So cuteeee. Tomo's my favorite. I want him as my best friend
Dania99 Rating
This manga is very adorable. If you like fluff, smut and omegaverse - this is for you. I think Chapters 1-4 are the best.
karyn0986 Rating
Considering the world of omegaverse that sometimes is a bit rought, not a bad thing, this one is a cute and fluffy story about friendship and love, i'm really glad i've decided to buy this!
ebookrenta0zn4o6ndg Rating
This manga was totally worth the money. I've read this book about 5 times now and I still get all giddy reading. If you like romance read this
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is good!!! Art is good. Storyline doesn't seem to be the strongest, but the characters save it from falling flat. Love that the characters know what they are in this manga. Still the omega is kinda dumb. But both a and o have developed feelings and only want each other.
AmotoTaboshi Rating
I'm on the third chapter so far and this story is way super cute! I love the main couple so much, they're adorable together! The art is really great and the panels are easily to read. A great addition to the omegaverse!
sask23 Rating
The plot is very simple, but that makes it so much fun! Haru is the most adorable Omega ever, one of the few characters in all the yaoi I have read that I just want to squeeze. Definitely word reading and re-reading. I only wish it was longer so I could see more of their relationship, like past high school.
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