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Yahiko03 Rating
This is hilarious. I love it already!!
Amberly928 Rating
I enjoyed this story a lot.
shadowcat7 Rating
This is totally worth it. If you love overcumming s writer block manga series , this will be the best for you .
sasaraRH Rating
Okay have to be honest here, this is a good read, and i can be open minded, but that first chapter was sooo uncomfortable & creepy. Like i said i can be open minded & push through which i did(reason for 4 stars) but this could have been a 5 star for me if not for that first chapter! They are strangers & he is sexually harassing her, plus threatening her, umm redo please! If it had started differently or maybe even fleshed the first chapter out a bit more with some other chapters i think it could've been a 5 star manga.Now with that said it actually is a good story after, with funny aspects, great H scenes, well thought out plot &character development. Plus the art is awesome to.So i would recommend this manga, however beware that first chapter (especially if your the type to get triggered easily or really uncomfortable with ML forcing themselves on the FL, this probably isn't for you)For me, after the first chapter, its a great story and worth the 4 stars.
peichi Rating
Not what I was expecting from the reviews and summary. I don't usually complain about stories moving too fast and I don't mind sex in the first chapter, but the ML literally is fingering her 3 minutes and 3 pages into their first meeting. She doesn't really resist, but it still made me pretty uncomfortable and I am really open minded. I mean I barely had any impression of the characters yet and didn't even know the guy's name. And then later on in the chapter, he reveals that he secretly filmed their first encounter and blackmails her with that footage into working for him and having sex with him. Yikes! I cannot believe none of the reviews have mentioned this part. This is definitely not a cute consensual story. Glad I only rented the first chapter.
runa001 Rating
To be honest, I would like to know more about the ML, but I guess it can't be helped for a short series. The story is quite alright though!
Zefiris Rating
Its premise is that the inexperienced heroine is blackmailed into working at an adult bookstore caused he got handsy. If I could give it 0 stars I totally would.
Scarlet Rating
This story make my heart pound
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Ayyy! The story is sooooo hilarious i love it hope to read more.
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