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Nyanko Rating
This is one of the best - if not THE best - depictions of a love triangle I've read in manga. Emotionally complicated, here is woman struggling with the emotions around why her engagement ended, then using that self reflection to grow confident and honest with her emotions. The tension between her two love interests is treated equally well and the complicated emotions that arise are very real. They also reflect the growth the protagonist goes through, comforting herself with the ex still evokes memories of past failures, then moving on to a relationship where she's strong enough to work things through with her partner. The young male love interest is in some ways like the typical female protagonists in the stories, earnest, guileless, and honest, though he has a great deal of self awareness and confidence in his emotions and desires, and it's great to see a male character completely committed to having a mature relationship. A wonderful read!
rikufan17 Rating
If I found a guy like Yuto in real life I think I would die of diabetes because of how sweet he is
Midnightcoffee Rating
I enjoy the fact that a female protagonist is older and has a little jaded from past relationships.
quaxie Rating
Great main characters! The story has good pacing. It's pretty realistic too. The doubt you have of dating someone so much younger than you are and the pressures of being a woman when it comes to relationships after 30.
LettuceGarden04 Rating
This story is a bit unconventional because the female lead is more experienced, but at the same time she's a mess (like me lol). I can seriously relate to her. The male lead is so awesome, if only he exists in real life :(. Definitely recommended.
Nekocat Rating
Super cute couple, totally recommended for those who like shy and aggressive guys in love and baby lovers
ebookrenta0mtws0c73 Rating
It's was soooo goood, I love this!
esp13 Rating
Super interesting so far! I love that this is quite realistic. The characters are interesting and the sex scenes are good.
DarthKristinous Rating
I am loving this story so far! It's very realistic and the main characters are so cute together. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Flyaway Rating
Oh Wow. I can't wait for Episode 2. This Manga is very unique and untraditional, it's not a unique story per se, as this story being used before, but how special and peculiar the characters in this story make this manga very enjoyable and unpredictable.I liked the art, both the female and the male lead are cute. The fact that there are other guys makes it also very interesting. I can't wait for Jealousy to play a part here lol.The hot scenes are kinda rushed but they are nice too.I don't know, overall, the story feels very realistic and entertaining.I encourage you to read it as well.
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