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AinoKusabi Rating
Touching and nice with humorous moments, but very predictable. But then sometimes, I savour predictable, especially when it's "he or she is 'friend-zoned'." I don't mind these type of stories and in this case, Robert is the sweetest guy you'd ever want to meet. He is protective, kind and funny. And Daisy is the same, a girl who deserves what her heart wants most: Robert.
votoran Rating
Story is predictable and cliché with little attraction, but the presentation is ultra-funny and worth it.
Weeb4Life Rating
Incredibly entertaining, I was laughing the entire time! You can tell just how much the author and artist enjoyed making fun of everyone, the comedy was on point (and usually at the expense of one of our poor hapless fools!). The plot is pretty standard, Miss Friendzone's in love with oblivious childhood friend Mr Won't Commit, so she tries to give up on him and live her life properly; cue Mr Clueless finally realising his friend is actually hot and he might just have feelings for her. But who cares about plot, you should read this manga to laugh at Daisy the feisty duck and Robert the "good-for-nothing-nobody". My only gripe is that Daisy has suffered almost her entire life pining after a dense playboy, and right when she's finally starting to treat herself right and improve her life (and she really does try her best, poor ducky), idiot guy ruins all that hard work and finally realises the bleeding obvious. Seriously, Daisy deserves so much better, but at least she's happy in the end.
Nanami Rating
A safe and predictable story, nothing much to see here.
kay4120 Rating
This was such a cute story, very different from the ones I usually read and has a bit of comedy in it. You should give it a try :)
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