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Thenameislynn Rating
That was unexpectedly good. The main story has a gd pace and the build up wasn't overwhelming. Tho I wished the whole volume is about the main couple. Few of the oneshots were abit too bully-ish and tsundere to me. But the last couple was pretty cute imo. Definitely recommend this one.
emiller Rating
So love this the art is good the main story is so sweet with Smutt the mini story's are all good I think worth the money will read again and again :) 5*
PennyDreadful Rating
Cute cute cute! This was cute and smutty. I really enjoyed all the couples. Nothing too serious, but the stories are cute and lovey-dovey. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more from this mangaka.
Broesa Rating
Based on the other reviews, this seems to be a very polarizing story. Either you hate it or love it, but I'd like to approach this somewhere in the middle. I would suggest renting to check it out because the first story I really like but I didn't care enough to invest myself in the other stories within this book so I sticked to the rental status.
xenomdoll5 Rating
I should've trusted that one star review. This was absolutely terrible I want my four dollars back lol. The plot was completely nonexistent. I thought the main story was bad but the side stories were worse. The art is not very pretty and yes there's a lot of smut but it's not very good. Halfway through the book I wanted to just give up. Please don't make the mistake I did. Do not waste your money.
fionav3 Rating
This was one of those titles that really made me feel I wasted my money. Bad characters, zero plot (even by yaoi standards), and mediocre art. Just disappointing all round.
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