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Vegal88 Rating
Per ora stupendo... non vedo l'ora del continuo. Troppo dolci e simpatici insieme.
melancholy Rating
The uke is so cute and oblivious to the semes inner turmoil. I love it.
Shann Rating
Can't wait to see where this is going.
radish Rating
Omg they're so cute!!!! The story is so cute!!!! Everything about this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
cassiopeia Rating
I love this story. The draw is very beautiful.
Clarie Rating
Omg, this was so pure but hawt and full of feelings! I can't even. Gay x bi pairing. I wish it were longer, because seriously, this was amazing?
Blluevaz Rating
This was SO FREAKING CUTE! Omg. Where to begin? The early twist in pov was perfect. It was done in a way that cracked me up and really made me sympathize with both characters, and led to both hilarious (and steamy) encounters. Every chapter had me clambering to get the next, it was absolutely adorable. +i love when side characters have legit personalities. Kon's friends are sweet, boyish and rough but not jerks, even Iida's friends get hilarious moments when they call him out (even if the poor girls don't get faces). In sum, I spent almost every point i had left here and it was worth every one.
Twlggy Rating
This was the cutest thing I've read in awhile and I have cavities now from the sweetness. It's not long enough!
Sparrow Rating
This was so cute and really well written compared to other comics with sex scenes. The development of the characters relationship was slow paced but it didn't matter because it felt realistic and was an enjoyable read. I spent all of my 10$ on it and I don't regret it at all.
Makotaz Rating
Aaaaaaahhhhh! I want moreeeee!!!! I love them both!!!
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