User Reviews For: I'm Banging My Rival in a Parallel World!? [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Really really cute!!! I liked the first couple the most. Sen was a pretty cute guy and super lovey dovey. Cute concept. I loved the art. The other stories were ok, cute, but just ok. I can see myself rereading this one again for a light fluffy read with a little smut thrown in for good measure.
keishota Rating
I was quite skeptical when this was released, but after reading other people's review, I finally gave it a shot. I can say I'm actually happy to purchase this. All of the oneshots are cute and wholsesome, especially the third story which is my favorite. It might be cliche, but it ended up making me smile and feeling good at the end. Also, I wish there were continuation for the 4th story since I think it has potential for interesting development in their relationship. Ofc, these are all just my opinions. I would recommend this for anyone who just want something light and cute read in their spare time.
KatsukiBakugo Rating
No real story... one chapter on the advertised couple then you get two other short stories
Freckles4548 Rating
I keep coming back to this. Sen and Amatatsu are the cutest! I wish there was more story for them, I did appreciate the little addition at the end for them as well.
ayang07 Rating
It was very cute. Loved all of the stories.
Malific Rating
Very good read, the stories were all pretty cute with some steamy scenes. Also really enjoyed the art!
Vanitas Rating
It's really cute and funny! I also love the drawing Style!
BLenthusiast7 Rating
This is also one of my personal favorites. There are 3 couples in this. My favorite is the first couple with one being teasing and caring and the other being outspoken and naive. The Yaoi scenes are really well drawn, personally recommend. The second couple is cute in that one of the characters has an insecurity that the other character adores. This results in a small build in their relationship. The third couple is more of a funny twist on the stereotyped Yaoi couples. However, there is dub-con (non consensual sex) for this third one.
tomarrymort Rating
Super cute series. Don't expect that the main front cover couple will take up the manga, it's split into four couples who get their own decent screen time :) It's cute and simple, well worth the rent for a story that will make you smile.
ebookrenta0ycdltb91 Rating
sooo good! I wish there were more like these stories! also wish there were more stories with bigger body types like the one shot in here!
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