User Reviews For: I'm Banging My Rival in a Parallel World!? [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Really really cute!!! I liked the first couple the most. Sen was a pretty cute guy and super lovey dovey. Cute concept. I loved the art. The other stories were ok, cute, but just ok. I can see myself rereading this one again for a light fluffy read with a little smut thrown in for good measure.
keishota Rating
I was quite skeptical when this was released, but after reading other people's review, I finally gave it a shot. I can say I'm actually happy to purchase this. All of the oneshots are cute and wholsesome, especially the third story which is my favorite. It might be cliche, but it ended up making me smile and feeling good at the end. Also, I wish there were continuation for the 4th story since I think it has potential for interesting development in their relationship. Ofc, these are all just my opinions. I would recommend this for anyone who just want something light and cute read in their spare time.
KatsukiBakugo Rating
No real story... one chapter on the advertised couple then you get two other short stories
ebookrenta0ycdltb91 Rating
sooo good! I wish there were more like these stories! also wish there were more stories with bigger body types like the one shot in here!
satan20026611 Rating
Great manga
Rubina Rating
This is a good manga for if you want a little build up in relationships and romance, before it gets interesting, except for the the last couple which is more spontaneous, but has its own quirks.
WickedLovely Rating
Just as amazing as I thought it would be
gossipytau Rating
That was really cute and I liked there was one couple with a different body type thrown in! I still think their relationships escalated too fast, though, from barely knowing each other to the first kiss to immediately sleeping together, but I guess that's part of the genre! I'd still loved to see them more though!
Sekoia Rating
The stories were cute overall. I really liked the first one. Still a bit thrown off by the fact that the seme(s) kind force themselves on the uke(s) at some point but it's a common trope in yaoi, so, yeah.
ENS5735 Rating
I bought this only for the main story, but I did enjoy the extras. It's fluffy smut happy endings for everyone!
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