User Reviews For: I'm Banging My Rival in a Parallel World!? [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Really really cute!!! I liked the first couple the most. Sen was a pretty cute guy and super lovey dovey. Cute concept. I loved the art. The other stories were ok, cute, but just ok. I can see myself rereading this one again for a light fluffy read with a little smut thrown in for good measure.
keishota Rating
I was quite skeptical when this was released, but after reading other people's review, I finally gave it a shot. I can say I'm actually happy to purchase this. All of the oneshots are cute and wholsesome, especially the third story which is my favorite. It might be cliche, but it ended up making me smile and feeling good at the end. Also, I wish there were continuation for the 4th story since I think it has potential for interesting development in their relationship. Ofc, these are all just my opinions. I would recommend this for anyone who just want something light and cute read in their spare time.
Rosemarie77 Rating
One of my family manga. I'll rate A 4.5 because I wish there was more to the story. It was so good though a bit rushed.
Nekirah24 Rating
Really great work!
RenRen Rating
This collection was a wonderful and sweet read. The art is also really nice. This is definitely one I'll probably reread again, I definitely don't regret buying.
aspiringwriter Rating
It was okay, it was cute but wish there was more to the other stories. It ended too fast.
angelfeathers Rating
Loved the first story! The characters and dialogue were sooooo cute. The other stories were neat overall. Voice Fetish moves a little fast sex-wise but the characters are pretty cute all the same. I just kinda wish there was more time with them wirking on the voice anxiety. Really, it'd be great with its own full manga. Best Friend Zoned is kinda standard but the characters are still so sweet. I just didn't like how aggressive the Yoshiwara got in the Marshmallow story cause it was pretty non-con and that feels off in this cuter, first love type stories. It's a shame cause the characters were so cute otherwise... Speaking of, this site is great but definitely needs more detailed tags!Anyway the art is super great and really bumped up my enjoyment of the more dull BFZ one. Definitely worth a buy!
sm3xyang3l Rating
I think my favorite couple was the first one. Was the main reason why I bought this HAHAHA. The other stories were cute too but just super fast paced. Overall, I loved the main couple <3
Mintzu Rating
Very very cute! Love the art style too! Totally didn't regret spending on this
Ale98 Rating
It was cute, cliche and simple but good. A little to simple for my taste but still enjoyable.
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