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Foxy Rating
I give it 5 just because I Love this Author I'm always excited to see what will happen next and this is no different if only I could binge read everything right now but I guess I have to deal with the cliff hangers lol!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Finally!!! I've been checking this manga out on the Renta site for so long!!! I've been really curious about the plot. Aoi and Sosuke are coworkers. And after one drinking party they take things further. I love how this is a spinoff of AatB and how realistic the characters are. So far I'm really liking this and can't wait for more!!!
mangajoy Rating
I like it! The dynamic between the two main characters are cute, but I definitely would've wanted this series a bit more fleshed out since it was too rushed. Also, I agree with a previous reviewer about how they make it like being in your 30's is too old. It's really not that old haha!
andiekae Rating
A fun and simple story with art that isn't too over the top and feels realistic! I wish I had more of these two because I love them already. Aoi and her struggles to convey herself are so relatable and I love how Sosuke appreciates her. Definitely recommend giving it a read!
ezakey Rating
Good art and story plot is promising. Both characters are interesting and Aoi has a sexy side too! Can't wait for the next chapter!
tokimekicrisis Rating
has a lot of
KotoniCorgi Rating
Very short and also very sweet! I love Coda's work so much, their stories and art compliment eachother well <3
harryp55 Rating
A good short story with consistent characters and good art. worth checking out.
Capitulate Rating
Meh. The characters are all right, but the MC falling in love with the male lead over one compliment when they rarely even speak feels forced. The male lead is nice. He considers himself a perv and talks kinda of crudely. But he's kind, and protective of the MC. He's also a little hung up over his age. Why do so many of these stories act like being in your 30s is so old? The life expectancy in Japan is higher than in the states. Anyway, he's also a fake megane. So, no star for the glasses. I lost interest in this pretty quickly, because the art didn't match the cover at all, the story feels a bit bland, and the racy scenes were boring to me. I didn't realize I'd read another work by this author until I read the other comments. If you've read their other work and you enjoyed the scenes in that one then you'll probably like this one. Story-wise this is better than the other one, but it still couldn't hold my interest.
joyfang Rating
Been a fan since the previous series.Continues to give us real, sometimes heart-rending stories.This one is moving a little fast for me but I'll stick around to see what happens next.
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