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pisang Rating
Argh, I hit the "Awfull" button by mistake ! This was in fact an awesomely good one ; really good drawing, as cute as the story, lovely characters, and sweet steamy moments. Can't wait for the 3rd one.
kirekire Rating
Promising start, though you never know what kind of direction these types of stories will head in. Here is to hoping that this ends well. Haha
bemeya Rating
One of my favourites here in Renta. Both story and art are very very cute. Riko and Akito are so sweet. Definitely five stars!
SweetBeans Rating
Great so far! It's nice to see a story with a cute spunky guy and tough tsundere girl for a change. The art style is really pretty, too. Looking forward to more!
audlew270 Rating
One of the best stories I've read on here. The art is so cute and the characters have so much depth and go through actual growth. Their feelings develop naturally and the love feels genuine. I would highly recommend.
missbew Rating
great art and the smut is hot. it's cliche but also i'm a sucker for a pretty boy robot who wants you all the time and will do Anything for you. whew!
whynot Rating
It was hot. But the MC is so cold and non-communicative to the guy's never ending affection. It's almost like emotional abuse, left the guy there guessing what was wrong with him. The MC didn't realize how important this guy is until she loses him. And when she gets him back, she started having doubts again :/
Mayrune Rating
Incredibly sweet! It's very genuine feeling the love between the main characters. It's so hard to find that kind of sweet love that makes the heart flutter from how soft it is! The pacing is superb and the flow of scenes is nice! Can't wait for more!
raneylane Rating
In my opinion, best manga I've read on Renta. I hope it keeps going on for a long time. The art, story, characters, everything.
qwerty12 Rating
This manga is hot from the innocence of Riko
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