User Reviews For: A Capricious Cat and a Shy Lion


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babafi Rating
Seriously cute story with hilarious characters and a fun plot. The premise is goofy and doesn't take itself too seriously, but the interactions with the characters seem genuine and heartfelt despite how silly situational humor. Really want to see more of this!
SweetBeans Rating
This is adorable. I appreciated the fact that there was some setup of their friendship before things got steamy so it didn't feel rushed (which you don't always get with these types of stories where a lot of them just feel like they had to cram it into the first chapter) I also love how the guy's big and scary-looking but is actually a huge sweetheart. I'm always a sucker for characters like that. Looking forward to more!
DeathsValkyries Rating
So far a super cute story! The dynamic between the main pair is great and the art is adorable! Plus cats!
butaitrash Rating
This is such a cute and heartwarming story! If you like cats and gap moe characters, I definitely recommend this.
Thenameislynn Rating
Too bad its just 3 short chaps. But i LOVE the premise. Pretty cliche but super cute!
biggestrebel Rating
I'm not sure if there will be more chapters but I really like what I've read! I'd love to learn more about the uke, like his past and why he opened the cat cafe! I thought this story was adorable!
hanandduke Rating
I literally laughed during every chapter
fuyuyume Rating
I really like it but I thought Jun would have been the Seme. It would of been a great twist for me.
ebookrenta0wyh9zig5 Rating
I love the relationship between the store owner and the scary looking is just SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!
ShinwooRai Rating
I really love quirky Romance pairs. I think it is extra special. This is very cute and Reminds me of another Yaoi that has a bunny cafe. If you like genuine cute with a bit of sexy reads, then you'll like this. :) can't wait for the next Chapter!
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