User Reviews For: If It's Love, Don't Fight It -At Night, This Perfect Gentleman Turns Wicked-


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Capitulate Rating
The MC is ridiculous. She's straight up stalking the male lead. Kyosuke isn't cold as the summary describes him. If anything he's too nice because Mika is a total nut. This one is actually pretty amusing. I can't say I find it romantic. I mean she actually 'accidently' breaks into his house twice, but this is entertaining. The art is really good when it comes to the characters. I did get a little lost with some of the panels, but the characters are all really pretty, especially the guys. Even the groper whose face you don't really see isn't gross looking. I appreciate that. I hate it when they put gross men in stories for women. Anyway, the story does it's best to portray Mika as a harmless stalker with a heart of gold. It works for comedy in fiction, but part of me just can't ignore the implicatons of that kind of behavior irl. Well if you don't take this too seriously you should be able to enjoy it.
Simm Rating
Funny and ridiculous and fun :)
Yahiko03 Rating
Wow, I'm impressed. This is actually good. The storyline is getting more interesting too
HorseObsessed Rating
?So Cute!?I Love this story so much!?
StreetUrchin Rating
For the length of the story and content was worth the price of purchasing. Though I also do not think the renting price is worth it either. It was a good story. The best character was Mika.
kenzi Rating
I don't relate to the female main character at all! I wish I hadn't bought it (only rented)
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