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Nyanko Rating
I got this one largely on the comparison of the male organ with chikuwa, which I found hilarious. I was hoping that sort of humor ran through the story. It's mostly the standard bossy guy and an uptight woman, with a bit of class awareness thrown in. The artwork is subpar, and the story so far is a retread of every other "sadistic, perverted" guy wearing an uptight woman down into admitting her own desires. And sadism and perversion is very hyperbolic (per usual), so let's just call it unfiltered and pushy, and having a sex drive.* The bees things here need to be expanded upon: sexism, classism, and societal expectations. No dice, though, they're merely mechanisms for plot and "characterization." *No shade on the translators, but culturally loaded language/concepts need localization. Unnecessary aside: As a Japanese woman in the West I always find some things suffer during translation. Which is why I haven't the chops to translate well (too wordy).
Capitulate Rating
Instead of the typical mean and forceful CEO or moneybags heir this male lead is ostensibly just a regular albeit insatiable working-class guy. He's not buying the MC or sexually harassing her on the job as the rich guys do, and he actually acts like a husband should, besides his sadistic desire to make his stuffed shirt wife lose control sexually. The MC is competent and accomplished professionally, but a novice socially and romantically. This author's heroines have only experienced horrible sex until they meet the male leads. It's not Pulitzer material. The plot and character development are unexceptional. The art is its true Achilles heel. At times it seems deliberately poor as a stylistic choice or form of censorship. But if you're just looking for a non-challenging smutty read to kill time this works. It still manages to be pretty sexy despite the poor artwork. This is really more of a 3 star because of the art, but I'm giving it a 5 because the 2.3 cumulative rating is too low.
Amatsuki313 Rating
Looking forward to the new updates!! Left me in such a good cliffhanger
ebookrenta0oghi9p2i Rating
I really like this one. It may looks it's forced sex, but it's not like that. He is pretty cute. And she has huge breasts. I would like to see it more explicit. Only yaio shows it... But but I love the story
NARUTO20 Rating
I love the story... i can't wait until the end. Very exciting to see if the male lead will be her real boss..?
ZuzuRose Rating
This manga actually isn't that bad! I actually like this manga and read up to chapter 8. Through out the story so far you get that the relationship between the male and female main characters is emotionally complex, of course because it is an arranged marriage! The female main character is also really interesting to me because she isn't your cutesy, people pleasing, clumsy girl. She is a woman that is not afraid of putting people in their place.
kitten91 Rating
I don't get the bad reviews and the low ratings! This story is great!
FunNaughty Rating
Ignoring the many sexual assult scenes here (woman begging no on many occasions not to be touched with is routinely ignored by the man)...The general idea of the plot is good but sex every night?! ... Someone is clearly living in a fantasyland (where there is misogyny) ...Would be good if the plot developed more quickly in the love aspect... Maybe these 2 actually go out on a date in the evening/weekend, getting to know each othe- to watch characters develop significantly seems like a great idea do you not think Renta/author?
Majala Rating
I wish I'd read the reviews before starting this
Guest Rating
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