User Reviews For: Day-care Pick Up [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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legallybling Rating
OMG!!!!! I'm so stoked that there's a sequel to Dirty Daddy Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. This one is as sweet and sexy as its prequel, 10/10 does not disappoint
themashaone Rating
Just as good as the prequel but now I need one about Ritsu and Kanaaaaaa!
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh man, it was so cute and heartclenching. I loved every page. Yura is definitely adorable, I agree Mr. Kagi haha. But oh my gosh!!! That “Lover Boys” story was just mean! I loved it too much...
Jojo1988 Rating
That was so cute and Romantic
Lewvina Rating
Love it! Need more!
Tsubaki Rating
I love it
0hRa30h Rating
This was really good, and I wanna read about Kana & Ritsu's older selves after that brief glimpse hehe
LMonster2 Rating
The continuation is amazing, although it is yet to be complete because I know there is more after this volume that I read online before. You won't be disappointed with where this goes so far but trust me you want the continuation. Please release it soon.
MistressBoa Rating
Yes to sequels!!!
Yamamoto80 Rating
Awesomeness. Best kid related fic and the emotions in this one is just unf
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