User Reviews For: Day-care Pick Up [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Aimvena95 Rating
Such a cute spin off.
EUNice83 Rating
Read twice going for third ...Like the story line between Kaji and Yura ...How relationship will be in love that impact not only BL but normal couple too...Artists drawing and matching the story in a way that is very nice ....Not messy and clear way to understand the story better ....I really like it ...
fuyuyume Rating
Killed me when Aki got his heart broke again in front of Yutaka and asked him why he was there and if he could get hard seeing him naked. I cried it was emotionally wrecking. Loved it
yakima33 Rating
This story was just so good. I loved the reality in the ground story. The way the were in the beginning of the story was so sweet. A must have in your bookshelf.
Cristina Rating
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