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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What a cliffhanger!!!! This is somewhat different than her other stories, but I love her artwork and storytelling so I'll definitely be back to see how she wraps this one up. Hopefully it's the best friends as the otc.
funbrillo Rating
This could be a 5 star if there is a sequel. This could have been longer and was low on smut. Also, the drama wasn't that bad. I don't want to give too much away but the uke likes another guy and sleeps with him and the best friend (with feelings for the uke) gets in on the action. That drives the beginning of the story but it is a good old story of guys having unspoken feelings and just needing to communicate their love to that person. Even the sex buddy roommate wasn't really a bad guy and I feel like there should be a sequel with his story in the future. Not as good as some of the author's other stories but not bad. And as I said. If there is a sequel, I feel it will be even better.
Bigsmilezrina Rating
Its kinda cute. I must say the first part or original crush of his made me mad af. It was so angsty. My heart hurts.But the story is cute. The art is nice too. I love this mangaka's works. I look forward fto the next chapters.
hloo12 Rating
I love this author other's work, so i don't now Why this story make me angry I wold liked it if his friend didn't get involved with the sex Even if he is in love with his friend :/But I'm waiting for the next chapter to see what will happen.
Mindymin Rating
Super cute. Despite the love triangle it's not angsty and it ends well with HEA.
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