User Reviews For: Sorry, But Can I Go All Out? -Cohabitation Fun with My Unrivaled Colleague-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Go all out you say? Um yes please!! This is a fun read. Not like haha every panel fun, but a bit refreshing in character development. Our h is a workaholic and has been dumped by her two-timing ex. Nothing is going right and the cherry on top is that she has to live with her work rival for a week! But he's actually really sweet and totally into her! Arts good. Story pacing is good. Want more!!!
cohen5483 Rating
I started reading this with 2 chapters out and really thought chapter 2 was the end of the series. Thinking back, that really should of been the end. In my humble opinion, I felt like the mangaka was rushing through the story just to write about the sex scenes. The story line is pretty textbook - two rivals wind up becoming a couple. The h is an independent woman who doesn't like relying on others but learn to do so - it's predictable. There was the added surprise that the H had a certain condition, which had potential to develop into a more interesting story but it was addressed and they moved on, which was why I seriously thought ch 2 was the end. There was also an ex that reappeared but the scenes changed so quickly without any dialogue as to what happened, I felt there was a gaping hole missing in the plot.
fraizes Rating
A storyline that just makes you want to binge it all in one go!
votoran Rating
In most aspects it's really good, but the female lead is intensely irritating. As a guy, it makes me really angry to see how she doesn't trust the male lead despite his constant efforts to make her happy.
Tlg2012 Rating
plot has been done before but still a decent read.
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