User Reviews For: Question: Can a Straight Boss Go All the Way... with a Crossdressing Employee?


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Whhyyy?!!! That cliffhanger should be illegal! Best money I've spent on a story in a while. Art and story pacing are great. Characters are pretty likable. Getting to the smexy times seemed fairly quick, but gah that cliffy is outta bounds. This is so much fun and so good. I want more. No, I need more.
ikahomine Rating
The cover did make me curious cause it looks good so I bought it... well it was nice plot but I'm a bit disappointed? I usually don't mind crossdressing in BL but must he ALWAYS be in a drag when they're doing it? At least remove the wig?! Cause it felt hetero and I bought for the BL scenes.... though overall it's still okay I guess...
Dragon Rating
I loved it but I wish there was more
emiller Rating
U would have got 5 but what the heck I was loving this story suddenly u end it and like that no ! That's crap I hate that u ended it on a cliffhanger if feels only half done :(
Sondraakakitty Rating
Out of all the manga I've read on Renta, this story is my favorite. I have been anxiously awaiting new episodes in the story of the main characters as if I'm personally invested in it. I love when a story can make you care about the characters and I find myself wanting the "Cinderella" in this story to Please end up with his prince.
Skaenund Rating
A bit short, but manages to be super cute.
PennyDreadful Rating
If you like crossdressing love stories, this is one for you, but it seems to always end in weird places and leave you wanting more...
Makotaz Rating
It has a good plot, but the pace is a bit fast in some part that makes the story less deep in my opinion. I like the art a lot thou!
MissM Rating
This isn't the smuttiest omegaverse I've read but it's pretty fluffy so far if you're into that (ch 4).
PrincessJaid Rating
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