User Reviews For: Hey, Teach, Be Good and Moan for Me, Okay? -I'll Make You Need Me-


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cryptoKeep Rating
They're so cute. A good read so far
CieL Rating
Cute, nice, glad to bought it. Short sweet story, the deliquent (Yuta) is actually a sweet & loyal partner (seme). But the teacher (Mr Tsutsui) is a cute uke which in the last part looks like a cool seme. Buy it if you like a short lovely & cute story. The art's nice, it just the sex scene not draw very detail like in some yaoi manga
Rach1450 Rating
It's exactly what you would expect from the title and very enjoyable
LMonster2 Rating
This was short but I was left with a good impression by the end.
Fuckthis1986 Rating
Waterbaby09 Rating
Absolutely love the story but I wish it had an epilogue on their relationship after graduation. I really want to find out how things turn out maybe they even get married.
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